Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is an organisation dedicated to restoring the health and dignity of women who have survived horrendous – and preventable – childbirth injuries: obstetric fistulas. Founded over 60 years ago by doctors Catherine and Reg Hamlin, the organisation has grown and matured to a healthcare network of 550 staff servicing six hospitals, a rehabilitation centre, and an educational collaboration training surgeons, midwives and clinical leaders from around the world.

At Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, women receive free surgery, counselling, physiotherapy and loving care.

The Hamlin 10 Day Ethiopian Adventure is the trip of a lifetime, where participants get to visit the hospital as well as see parts of beautiful Ethiopia. With adventurers committing to raising $6,000 each for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, vital funds can be raised to help women suffering from terrible childbirth injuries.

Interested in participating in this adventure of a lifetime? Check out hamlin.org.au/adventure for more information. 

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) Limited T/as Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation

Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation, formerly Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) is an independent charity established by Dr Catherine Hamlin to raise funds for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia and other partners using the Hamlin Model of Care to eradicate Obstetric Fistula. Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation has one purpose and one purpose only: eradicating fistula. Forever.

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