We're getting married!

Your wedding can be the cause of celebration - not just for you and your partner, but also for women in Ethiopia who can be given life-changing treatment because of you! 

Instead of a gift to you, your family and friends can give the gift of health and dignity to a woman suffering with an obstetric fistula.

To make fundraising for us even easier, we've partnered with Everyday Hero to give you the ability to create your own online fundraising page. In just minutes you can build and customise your page, then start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues and asking them to make a donation.

Every donation is then recorded on your fundraising page along with a message of support from your donors. So what are you waiting for? Create your own online fundraising page today!

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) Limited

Supporting Dr Catherine Hamlin and her team in Ethiopia, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is an organisation dedicated to restoring the health and dignity of women who have survived a horrendous – and preventable – childbirth injury: obstetric fistula.

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